COVID 19_The Ottawa Hospital_Splat Hero


Unprecedented. A word used so often over the past several months to describe the challenging times our world is facing with COVID-19.


We are working, living, and distancing through the greatest healthcare challenge our communities have ever seen, and together, we are taking unprecedented precautions to ensure we protect each other.


Within weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic hitting Canada, our researchers had already mobilized and are now engaged in more than 50 research projects to fight the virus.

Many of these research projects were awarded funding from the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund which was set up to provide funding not only for research, but also much-needed equipment, PPE, and innovation and care projects submitted to the COVID-19 Ideas Hub.

The Hub provided a way for any hospital staff, regardless of role or background, to submit ideas to combat the virus. These innovative ideas were reviewed by a special advisory group and receive funding where possible.

From the resilience and commitment of our frontline workers to the cutting-edge research and innovative care solutions underway, it is clear that we are certainly stronger together.