A final farewell from Dr. Jack Kitts, former President & CEO of The Ottawa Hospital

The future of healthcare
is in good hands

In the final few weeks of my tenure as President and CEO of The Ottawa Hospital, I reflected on the ups and downs that spanned almost two decades. In 2001, the hospital was struggling financially, and morale was low. While we were very good at treating illnesses and injuries, we needed to improve how we cared for patients with compassion and empathy. It fills me with pride and gratitude to see how much we have grown as a hospital and at all that we have accomplished together. Thanks to an incredible leadership team, staff, physicians, and researchers by my side, we became the world-class hospital that we are today.

But we weren’t the only members of that team. You were there too – a powerful group of donors, volunteers, and community builders. During my interactions with you, I have been struck by how deeply you care, by the sheer number of you who are committed to giving back and to making healthcare better for all of us. Time after time you were there for our hospital — we simply would not be the hospital we are today without you.

Today, The Ottawa Hospital is the kind of world-class facility that means the people of Ottawa don’t have to think for a second of going anywhere else. With some of the brightest minds from around the world, the latest equipment, and by investing in research, we have become a leader in Canadian healthcare. 

Now is the time to look ahead to what the future of healthcare looks like. We have an exciting new hospital campus on the horizon, and we will need your support once again to equip it with cutting-edge technologies and with the research and clinical expertise to provide the very best patient experience for generations to come.


It gives me tremendous satisfaction to know that as I leave, the hospital is in good hands; from the Board and the incoming CEO, Cameron Love, to the various executives, dedicated staff, physicians, and volunteers, and of course you, our generous supporters. Being a father and grandfather myself, I couldn’t be any more hopeful for the future of healthcare in Ottawa.